In order to help Andean Communities to fight the impact of climat change, Quishuar is working on an awareness campaign and sustainable development strategy.

Redevelop the village square, actualy in state of abandonment. The project, led by renowned architects will make use of local materials tus remaing consistent with the concept of sustainable development. This will create a friendly gathering place. Are also planned, the construction of a wooden pergola in the eart of the square, a playground for children and a petanque pitch. Solar-powered lighting poles will be installed around the square. The facade of the church will also be renovated and obviously Quishuar trees will be planted

Awareness of environmental conservation and respect for nature are associated with the redevelopment of the square. Indeed all the inhabitants of the village and the local authorities will actively participate in this project and it is through this involvement that will emerge awareness. Quishuar will technically, economically and environmentally lead the project throughout its duration.

The main objectives of our campaign are :

  • to share technological advance and European experience in sustainable development and renewable energy in order to raise awareness among people living in the Andes to this issues,
  • to contribute to the reduction of electricity consumption,
  • to incentive to use renewable energy through the installation of solar poles for public lighting, photovoltaic panels to capture the sun’s energy to produce heating and hot water which is an ecological and economical solution
  • to train technicians in renewable energy for installation and maintenance.